October book signings

As October kicked off, I was off to the Ohio LinuxFest to give a very well-attended A Tour of OpenStack Deployment Scenarios where I walked the audience through various types of ways OpenStack can be used, just like the book does.

Following my talk, I gave away copies of my book to folks who were active on social media (thanks again Vitaliy, Svetlana and Jon) and took time at the event to sign copies.


I was delighted to also see the book, and my talk, featured prominently on the banner my employer sent along.


Back home on the west coast, I was invited down by meetup organizer Lisa-Marie Namphy for the October 13th San Francisco Bay Area OpenStack meetup to do a freside chat with co-organizer Rob Markovich of Moogsoft.

The first half of the meetup was spent chatting with fellow attendees and having some food. At 7PM I sat down with Rob to answer some questions about the book and some of my thoughts on OpenStack and the maturity of configuration management around it.

As the chat concluded, I had five books to sign and raffle off.

Bay Area Meetup Signing

Thanks to Lisa for taking pictures during the event. More photos from the event by her and others can be found on the meetup page, here.

Talks on the topic of monitoring OpenStack by Conor Beverland of Wavefront and Richard Whitehead of Moogsoft made up the rest of this monitoring-focused meetup. I’m really thrilled to have been part of this event.

Tomorrow morning I’m flying to Barcelona for the OpenStack Summit. I’m bringing along 10 books to this event, along with some discount codes for folks who are interested in purchasing it. If there ends up being a formal signing I’ll be sure to share an update here.