Monthly Archives: November 2016

OpenStack Summit Barcelona

A few weeks ago the OpenStack Summit in Barcelona took place. This also gave me the chance to catch up with my contributing author, Matthew Fischer, for the first time since the release of the book!


At the summit I also brought along 10 copies of the book, thanks to my publisher, to give away at the Women of OpenStack speed mentoring event on Tuesday morning. I sat down the night before in the Women of OpenStack section of the expo hall. Huge thanks to Nithya Ruff ‏for organizing this and being so supportive in making sure the books got to women who were interested in having them.


I participated in various sessions at the summit related to the OpenStack project infrastructure, but the highlight of this work was getting to demonstrate some of our multi-cloud tooling in front of the biggest audience we’ve ever had, from the keynote stage!

For the keynote, I joined Executive Director Jonathan Bryce on stage to walk the audience through the basics of the continuous integration system for testing of OpenStack patches, some of the latest statistics of how many jobs are run (over 2k per hour) and how multiple cloud providers donate resources to the infrastructure. We then demonstrated removing one of the providers and adding three new providers to increase the number of instances in Europe.

Thanks to Johanna Koester for taking this picture (source)

The full video of the demonstration is on YouTube: Demoing the World’s Largest Multi-Cloud CI Application

It was a great summit, we’re looking forward to the next one in Boston!