The Dedication

Figuring out how to dedicate this book took some doing. Do I dedicate it to a loved one? Or perhaps the OpenStack Infrastructure team that has shown me so much support over the years?

I ended up dedicating it to the OpenStack Community as a whole, with a special nod to the OpenStack Puppet team.



This book is dedicated to the OpenStack community. Of the community, I’d also like to specifically call out the help and support received from the Puppet OpenStack Team, whose work directly laid the foundation for the deployment scenarios in this book.

I learned while crafting this dedication that it wasn’t just one team in OpenStack that made me feel welcome. As I’ve made my journey through open source over the past decade and a half I’ve learned a lot about communities, values and inclusiveness. The OpenStack community is really something special.

And in addition to laying the groundwork for the book, the Puppet team is also a wonderful group of people. They’re this amazing operator-heavy team who came together to openly support the tooling they’re all using internally. Since all the deployment scenarios in the book are driven by these upstream Puppet modules, it’s no exaggeration to say that the book wouldn’t exist without all of their work.